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The first thing you need to do is to keep away from consuming foods rich in overweight and sugar. Foods high in sugar: jam, chocolate, honey, sweets, cakes, biscuits, most breakfast cereals, soft drinks, juices.

High-fat foods: fried foods, overweight cheese, butter, fresh cream, pastry, sausages, meats, nuts, mayonnaise, potato chips, bakery items.

Additionally, you need to keep away from consuming eggs. A recent study found that eating an egg a day can lead to the development of type II diabetes. After 20 years of research on 57,000 men and females, scientists from Boston and Massachusetts, found that consuming one egg per day increases the risk of type II diabetes by 60%. For females the risk was increased by 77%. However, the consumption of one egg a week does not increase the risk for this condition.

It would even be helpful to lose some weight, in case you have additional pounds. About 80% of people diagnosed with this condition were overweight at the time of the diagnosis.

The fiber can be either soluble (dissolves in water and slows down the absorption of food) or insoluble (does not dissolve in water and is nice from stopping constipation). The insoluble fiber is also helpful when dieting, because it provides you with a sense of fullness.

When doctors discuss increasing the content of fiber in your diet, they do not mean that you ought to eat brown rice and whole grain flour products with every meal, but be sure to consume about 30 grams of fiber every day. It is necessary for nice bowel function and soluble fiber may help you maintain low blood sugar levels and low cholesterol. Foods such as baked beans, peas and lentils, and dishes that contain oat, are rich in soluble fiber. Foods like cereals, wholegrain bread, vegetables and brown rice contain mostly insoluble fiber.


Using vinegar on a salad or drinking it straight before a meal may prevent insulin spikes. 2 table spoons is all it takes according to one study. Patients who did this saw less or no spikes in insulin or glucose after eating.

Don’t Drink Soft Drinks

Drinking soft drinks increased the risk of getting diabetes by 85% in females. That is right! one soda a day sky-rocketed the likelihood of becoming diabetic. Also, soda makes you overweight.

Don’t Eat Speedy Food

Here is a no-brainer way to treat diabetes with natural cures. Don’t eat speedy food. One study found that eating speedy food as small as 2 times a week were one time as likely to become diabetic as those who didn’t. Besides, speedy food is filled with poisonous chemicals that are also bad for the body. see the documentary “Super Size Me.”

Eat Grapefruit

Eating grapefruit has been found to help people lose weight which in turn can decrease your risk for diabetes. The more weight you lose, the less risk you’ll have for getting or keeping diabetes.

Cinnamon Fights Diabetes

Discuss a great-tasting way to treat diabetes! It’s been found that cinnamon actually substitutes insulin. However, do not overload your cinnamon with sugar. It would be ideal not to make use of any sugar at all, or use Stevia as in lieu of sugar.

Apart from starchy foods, milk and yogurt are also sources of carbohydrates. Diabetics ought to consume at least five servings of dairy products per day, choosing chiefly dairy products with reduced overweight like low-fat yogurt and milk. Yogurt, in particular, is a food of high nutritional value, which makes it an essential and irreplaceable food to be consumed often or even every day. It is a rich source of protein (containing all essential amino acids in sufficient amounts, as well as vitamins, minerals and calcium). As for carbohydrates, lactose is the only carbohydrate present in the yogurt. In nutritional terms, yoghurt is essential in the diet of a diabetic, as it’s a higher content of calcium and phosphorus compared to other foods, and significant amounts of zinc and iodine, vitamin A, thiamine, riboflavin and B12.

Food Therapy is best undertaken after consulting your doctor. It fundamentally involves avoiding sure foods and eating lots of others. Obviously being diabetic you ought to keep away from foods such as refined sugar and biscuits. You ought to also avoid all processed foods and fried foods . Then there’s foods that are better limited such as red meat and caffeine and alcohol. You ought to avoid alcohol in case you have an empty tummy because it may cause low blood glucose. Then finally there’s the foods that you can eat and they include fruit and vegetables, wholegrain products and also drink lots of water. Try to get lots of fiber in your diet as that will lower your body’s need for insulin.

How to treat this condition naturally:

Nutrition is an important factor. You can eat vegetables in limitless quantities. As for fruits you can eat up to five servings a day. Try to consume whole grains in lieu of white bread and pasta. Additionally you ought to stay away for saturated overweight and use monounsaturated fats like olive oil. Polyunsaturated fats present in nuts and seeds, are as well as a nice choice.

The pancreas produces the hormone insulin, which is used by the body to metabolize sugar and starches in to glucose, which is then transported by the bloodstream to the cells of the body, which in turn, convert glucose in to energy. A diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes indicates that the pancreas stopped insulin production. Type 2 diabetes is when the pancreas is producing insufficient insulin, and in some cases, even if insulin production is normal, the cells refuse to accept the glucose.

Herbal cure for diabetes

Herbal medicines can have a significant impact when used to treat diabetes. A herbal cure for diabetes may be achievable when using some of the following herbs:


Curry leaves

Fenugreek seeds




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