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I want to mention two natural products for depression which have been getting a lot of attention lately. One is actually produced by ourselves and it is called SAMe and is a major player in keeping our brain chemicals in top shape. We are thinking here especially of serotonin. dopamine and norepinephrine.

SAMe can actually improve the communication channels between these chemicals and that mean sharper focus, more self confidence, optimism, feelings of wellbeing and of course a good mood. Nobody wants to be with a person who is down in the dumps, blue or just even mildly depressed.

Monoamine oxidase inhibitors: They also belong to the early forms of medications available for depression. It has been quite effective in cases where most other medicines failed to create an impact. This anti-depressant was also used to treat other mental illness. It was advised for the people to stick to strict dietary habits while taking this medication.

Other findings show that statistically, most suicidal and depressed people are those with inadequate magnesium level in the body. Also, lack of magnesium result to adrenal imbalance and this event can result to hyper-excitability, nervousness, difficulty to cope with day-to-day problems, and diabetes. Using supplements such as TravaCor, Kavinace, and AdreCor as a method of neurotransmitter support has proven to be a sound method of coping with anxiety issues and other neural imbalances.

First there is denial, “This can’t be happening to me.” “It’s not true.” This is soon followed by anger, “Why me, it’s not fair?”, “Who is to blame?” There are misplaced feelings of rage and envy and you are difficult to approach as everyone else is “lucky,” since they haven’t lost someone.

The third stage is bargaining and the fourth is depression, “I miss them so much, what is the point of going on? My life is worthless without them.” And finally, after time, there is acceptance. But how do you reach this point of acceptance? It seems a betrayal to your loved one to even contemplate such a thing. But there are things you can do.

As hypnotherapists, when we see a patient in a one to one environment we can ask for details of the client’s medical history, and even consult with their doctor. However, when I produce a recording, such as a CD or MP3 download, to help deal with the effects of depression, I haven’t got access to these medical histories nor can I consult with a client’s doctor for individual case specifics.

For this reason, I strongly recommend on our recordings that you see a doctor beforehand, particularly if you suffer from severe depression. I would expect other ethical hypnotherapist’s to do the same.

Depression is the first thing you have to attend to, because this is the condition that triggers your anxiety. Reach out. Talk to your family and friends regarding your concerns. The mere fact that you get to share your thoughts gives you a relief. You may also find a support group that undergoes the same condition as what you have. Your family will help you but a support group knows what you are actually feeling. They can even give you tips on how to get through depression.

Dent is a technical writer and takes great pains to document is methods and the data behind them. This is not a casual read or an easy one. To truly understand what he offers takes some effort. His ultimate predictions are easier to digest but without understanding at least the basic basis for his methods reading the final conclusions is not recommended.

The book is very well organized with lots of tables and other compilations of data to illustrate his points. It has good chapter structure with lots of well organized sub-sections.

Some of the symptoms and causes of depression are because of the build up of free-radicals in our system. While we all have these in our bodies, too much can be harmful. If you do not know what a free-radical is then here is a short explanation. Free-Radicals are organic molecules that are unstable, whether it be from natural cell processes, or from external sources, like eating an unhealthy diet, being around pollutions, etc.

These molecules are unstable because they do not have enough electrons, and so they try to steal these from other cells in the body, which in turn cause healthy cells to become radicals and so on causing a virtual domino effect. While some are not too bad, the problem is that when there are too many it can speed up the aging process, cause a run down effect, speed up tissue damage, and even cause some diseases. Antidepressants not only do nothing for this, they can in fact create more free-radicals in the body, contributing to these problems even more.

Depression is a time of deep introspection and re-evaluation. It is a period when we ask ourselves who we are, where we are going, what our role is and what our abilities are. Learning to trust and have faith in a benevolent universe can help us get through hard times, even if we cannot understand why certain things had to happen the way they did.


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